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Uganda Cultural Tourism

Apr 2014

Ugandahas a very strongcultureheritage. Many regions inUgandahave kingdoms including Buganda, Busoga, Bunyoro and Toro.Ugandan are remarkable hospitable and hails from a diversity of rich cultures and life styles Each tribe has it’s own traditional dance ;

The banyankole perform their Kitaguriro dance , the Banyoro have their Runyege , Acholi have the Bwila and Otole dances . The Alur people from the West Nile have the Agwal dance ,Bagisu have the Imbalu dance during circumcision ceremonies.

Uganda is a unique tourist destination to tourists interested in cultural tourism. Nature Friendly Safaris ltd organizes different cultural tours to Uganda. Our list of culture tours in Uganda is available below. If you are interested in any of these Uganda cultural tour, please contact us directly with any questions. Our travel experts will give you free advice and a suggested tour itinerary that will suit your needs and aspirations. Whether it is a short cultural excursion or a long Uganda Holiday, we are ready to give you the best deal ever that you cannot easily get elsewhere.


This package presents to you the country’s cultural and natural heritage. Uganda prides itself in a number of paleontological, archeological, historical, traditional and colonial sites. We organize a number of safaris that can take you to Uganda's major cultural and historical sites, if you are interested in any of Uganda’s cultural tours; we at Nature Friendly Safaris are very much willing to arrange for you a cultural safari to destinations of your choice in Uganda and East Africa.

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Cultural and Historical Sites in Uganda

The Buganda Kingdom– Kampala (was burnt but its undergoing renovation)
Buganda Kingdom belonging to Baganda tribe has exciting cultural features and sites; Naggalabi Buddo Coronation site where the Buganda Kings are crowned, Katareke Prison site where the king murdered his brothers and sisters for fear that they might dethrone him, Wamala King’s Tombs where the kind were buried and a place of culture and rituals, Nanamasole Kanyange Tombs the Burial place for the Queen, Nnamasole Baagalayaze Tombs and Cultural Centre for traditional performances, arts and crafts.

Sezibwa and Bujjagali Falls
Sezibwa site is situated 3kms off Kampala – Jinja road. It is a place of rituals and cultural beliefs with the myth that the river was born of a woman. It is an active shrine which hosts a big snake in one of the rock shelters which feeds on eggs and ritual objects brought by supplicants who seek fertility and riches.

Bujjagali Falls:

a famous spot for White Water Rafting. The site is located in Jinja District side of the River Nile; it is home to udhagali, a medium of one of the Busoga ancestral gods.

Ndere Centre Eco-Cultural Visit
Ndere Troupe in Kampala is poised to continue shaping Ugandan culture and performance. Visit the centre for a whole day ntertainment with different traditional dances from various cultures of Uganda .You too might be required to participate in the traditional dances while dressed traditionally; it is a very exciting moment.

The Bagisu Mutoto Circumcision (Imbalu) site - Mbale.
Located within Mbale Municipality is the Mutoto site, a very important cultural / heritage site in this region. It’s a place where the annual tribal circumcision ceremony is launched. The Bagisu from the Mount Elgon region are known for their Circumcision (Imbalu) ceremony that occurs only in even years. The circumcision practice is done to initiate young boys into Manhood.

More places to visit are; the famous Sipi falls and take an excursion up to the bottom of the falls. Also a visit to a strong community of African Jews (Abayudaya) whose synagogue is 15 minutes drive from Mbale; and Semei Kakungulu (a renowned agent of the colonial rulers in Uganda) Tombs which are located about 5 square Kilometres off the Mbale-Soroti road.

Nyero Rock paintings Site
The site is located 9km west of Kumi District. It is an Early Iron Ages site and the rock paintings, the paintings represent canoes, animals and other art impressions.

Nakaima Tree - “the witch tree”
It’s sited 2kms from Mubende town. It is referred to as “the witch tree”. Nakaima was the wife of Ndahura the first Muchwezi king of the Empire of Kitara. This site is a very active shrine and is visited throughout the year. Supplicants put their offertories in the 20 or so root buttresses that form the base of the tree to request for fertility, riches and the healing of ailments.

The Growing Breasts on the Rock of Nyakasura!
This site is located 9 kms west of Fort Portal town in Kabalore district. It is a limestone which hasstalagmites and stalactites. As the stalactites drip the calcium carbonate to form stalagmites down below, they are referred to as the breasts of Nyinamwiru. Nyinamwiru was the mother of Ndahura the first Muchwezi king of the Kitara Empire. There is a water fall within the rock shelter and crater Lakes nearby.

Busoga Kingdom, Ssezibwa Human - Borne River & Bujjagali Falls
You will head east of Uganda, to Busoga Kingdom and enroute you will visit the Ssezibwa falls Uganda's human borne river, Mabira forest for a nature walk and Bujjagali falls to see the mighty waterfalls of the Nile. You have a chance to go to the source of River Nile and participate in different activities. Then visit the Kyabazinga’s palace of Busoga Kingdom and the old colonial buildings.



Bunyoro Royal Treasures
Located in Hoima district, you will visit the Bujumbura cathedral and Karuzika Palace the official residence of the King of Bunyoro and get to know the origin of the Bunyoro Kingdom. Visit Mparo tombs
which are a royal burial ground for the kings of Bunyoro Kingdom. Be entertained by the Banyoro cultural
dancers from the locals. The kingdom of Bunyoro is as a result of three dynasties; the Batembuzi dynasty, the Bachwezi dynasty and the Babiito dynasty.

Toro Kingdom Tour
Visit the Toro Kingdom palace and Karambi tombs located Kabalore District; the royal burial grounds for the kings of Toro Kingdom. Then proceed to Kasese town for lunch. And after lunch, visit the Kilembe Mines and get a chance to interact with Bakonjo people who live on the slopes of mountain Rwenzori.

Omugabe's Palace - Ankole Kingdom
Visit Ankole kingdom located in Mbarara District; Omugabe is title to the kings of Ankole kingdom, you will visit the Ankole ranches and have a chance to see the long horned cows, take time to learn the Bahima culture who are cattle keepers.

Religious Sites – Kampala
Located few kilometres from the city centre are the two treasured religious sites.

Bahai templereferred to as ‘House of Worship’, the only temple in Africa of the Bahai faith located on Kikaya Hill on the outskirts of Kampala. Enroute you visit the Uganda Museum which gives you a display of Uganda’s cultural heritage where one can see Ethnological and natural historical exhibitions.




Namugongo Uganda Marty’s shrinea place where many Christian converts were burnt due to death (martyred) on 3rd June 1886 by Kabaka Mwanga due to their faith in Jesus. The shrine is located in Namugongo, few kilometers from the city centre. You can also proceed to Kiwatule recreation centre to participate either in swimming, play football or take a visit to the cultural village.






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