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African Honeymoon

Apr 2014

African Honeymoon

An African honeymoon is the most romantic luxury honeymoon a couple can experience. East Africa and the nearby Indian Ocean islands of Seychelles and Zanzibar are superb locations, with breathtaking landscapes, magnificent safari parks and beautiful tropical beaches.

Our luxuryhoneymoon packagesrange from private safari tours to beach honeymoons at enchanting destinations such as Zanzibar and Lamu.
We also offerAfrican weddingsin spectacular settings within Africa.

Honeymoon travel is always unique to individuals, and we are happy to customise our honeymoons to suit your needs.

Safari Honeymoon
A honeymoon safari is a most romantic way a couple can celebrate their being together - the breathtaking locations, wildlife and small, private lodges hidden away in the African wilderness -all these make for a superb honeymoon.

See some of our honeymoon tours below - note that all our safaris are private so you may also choose from our usual Uganda, Tanzania(Zanzibar) and Kenya safaris.

Hot Honeymoon Packages

14day Luxury Tanzania Honeymoon

10 Days Uganda Honeymoon Package

7 Days Masai Mara Kenya Honeymoon Package







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Top 10 honeymoon tips

Here are just a few points for you to think about when choosing your honeymoon destination so that everything runs as smoothly as possible for your special holiday and where you can create memories that will last forever and start married life in an exotic worldwide destination.

1.Perfect timing
Book early to avoid disappointment. As soon as you have set your wedding date, start thinking about your choice of honeymoon destination, especially if you’re getting married during peak times such as July and August or Christmas and New Year.

2. Weather
Not all destinations have year-round good weather and the month you’re getting married may not be the best time to visit your chosen destination. If you have your heart set on a specific country, you may have to set your wedding around your honeymoon.

3.Special Hon
eymoon Offers
Our complimentary offers add great value to your honeymoon and help make it feel extra special. You can enjoy extras such as fruit and flowers in your room on arrival, candlelit dinners and room upgrades, complimentary massages or even huge discounts.

Nature Friendly Safaris can work with your budget – from elegant and luxurious to the best value for money hotels. You don’t have to spend huge amounts to ensure you have an unforgettable honeymoon.

5.Passport name change
If you are going to change your passport into your married name, make sure that all documents and booking details are in the same name, as this could result in refused entry into the country. If you do change your passport, allow plenty of time to send off all the documents and for them to be returned.

6.Days of flying
Some destinations can only be reached on certain days due to airline schedules, so be aware that you may need to be flexible, especially if you want to travel the day after your wedding. Look for destinations that offer days of departure to fit into your schedule.

7.Travel Insurance
A must when travelling overseas, insurance will cover you if you’re ill or an accident occurs. Make sure your policy covers you for the value of your wedding and engagement rings if you take them with you.

9. Match the honeymoon to suit you- this is really important when considering your choice of honeymoon destination as you need to know what you both want from the holiday to make the most of your time together. If you both enjoy beach holidays and just want to relax after the organization and planning of your wedding day then a multi centre trip round Ssese Island, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Zanzibar and Mombassa is going to be right for you. Likewise if you like activity holidays and being able to walk about and meet and experience the local culture a paradise island won’t be ideal.

10. Enjoy and relax- the most important thing to remember!

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