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Community Tourism

Apr 2014


Nature Friendly Safaris is proud to be a pioneer Safari Company to support Community tourism in Uganda and East Africa. We encourage our Visitors to support the communities around the Protected Areas (P.As) through their projects such as being accommodated in their Campsites, buying their local handcrafts, participating in traditional dances, as a means of promoting WIN-WIN Scenario among others. We at Nature Friendly Safaris strongly believe in sharing the natural resources of surrounding community with visitors from home and overseas for the sustainable benefit and development of that local community whilst conserving the natural environment and controlling conflict between the Protected Areas and the Local Communities.

Activities you can do to help or participate in Community tours
Participate in a day to day activity of an African Man and you will find it very interesting and inspiring.
Take a village walk while on your tour and you will be introduced to so many things that you did not expect.
Volunteer on any of our community projects

Why take a Community Tour?
Community tours take you beyond the main extreme tourism activities as you enjoy the magic of true Ugandan hospitality and friendliness. You'll meet people of different ethnic groupings and learn far more about them and their culture than on conventional tours. You'll feel better knowing that your visit is genuinely helping your hosts.

In all our community tours, we make sure there are planned with the involvement and consent of local communities, Give a fair share of profits back to the local community, involve communities rather than individuals, be environmentally sustainable, respect traditional culture and social structures, have mechanisms to help communities cope with the impact of western tourists, keep groups small to minimize cultural / environmental impact, brief tourists before the trip on appropriate behavior, and leave communities alone if they don't want tourism. Leave nothing but foot prints, Take nothing but photographs while on a Community Tour with Nature Friendly Safaris.


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